Nottinghamshire Police Service

Thank you to Nottinghamshire Police Service who signed the charter on 29th November 2018 providing protection for their 3,479 employees.

Chief Constable, Craig Guildford, said:
“It's extremely important that we do all we can to ensure a good working environment for all of our employees and especially when they need support and security during difficult times such as illness. "It was my pleasure to be part of the ceremony last week and to meet with Jacci, a true inspiration, who has worked so hard to ensure the organisation can learn from her own experiences. "Signing up to this charter highlights our commitment to ensuring no individual with a terminal diagnosis will be dismissed because of their condition. We will support them and should they wish to retire in a dignified way we will provide the security they need in working with them. "We are focused on becoming an Employer of Choice and promoting wellbeing, this marks just one more of the steps we are taking in order to achieve this.”

Leicestershire Police Service

Thank you to Leicestershire Police Service who signed the charter on 21st November 2018 providing protection for their 3,481 employees.

Leicestershire Police Chief Constable, Simon Cole, said:
“It is compassionate to support colleagues through a terminal illness and the role the force plays is a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. I fully support the initiative and signing the pledge is our way of publicly committing to supporting employees and officers diagnosed with a terminal illness.” Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner, Willy Bach, said: “A terminal diagnosis is a devastating blow. Peace of mind around job and financial security brings huge comfort to employees and their families. I am proud to work alongside a police force that shows such consideration and support for its employees.”

West Midlands Combined Authority

Thank you to West Midlands Combined Authority who signed the charter on 9th November 2018 providing protection for their 474 employees.

Mayor for the West Midlands, Andy Street, said:
“Employees and their families dealing with a diagnosis of terminal illness should not have to worry about losing their jobs as well. “That is why the West Midlands Combined Authority is backing the TUC’s dying to work campaign and join the growing list of employers to sign the charter. WMCA chief executive, Deborah Cadman, said: “The West Midlands Combined Authority already offers health and wellbeing support to staff going through troubled times. “The Dying To Work Charter compliments our policies by setting out clearly how employees with terminal illness will be supported with dignity and respect.” WMCA portfolio lead for cohesion integration into public sector reform and leader of Sandwell Borough Council, Cllr Steve Eling, said: “Sandwell Council was the first local authority to sign charter and now the Combined Authority is doing the same. It is a clear demonstration of our commitment to our staff. “We support the TUC’s Dying to Work campaign and would urge other organisations and employers to sign up.”

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Thank you to London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council who signed the charter on 8th November 2018 providing protection for their 1,831 employees.

Chief Executive, Kim Dero, said:
“If one of my colleagues is ever faced with a terminal illness I want them to know that they don’t need to worry about work and we’re here to support them every step of the way. “We’re determined to be the best employer in local government and Our People strategy sets out how we are committed to treating staff with compassion, dignity and fairness and signing this charter is testament to that.”

Wigan Council and Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group

Thank you to Wigan Council and Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group who signed the charter on 5th November 2018 providing protection for their 4,430 employees.

Deputy Chief Executive, Alison MacKenzie-Folan, said:
“Our staff are at the heart of everything we achieve at Wigan and as our staff deal says “we care for the health and wellbeing of our staff”. We recognise that a terminal illness diagnosis can result in huge emotional stress, fear and uncertainty and we want to try to remove any additional stress and worry during this time. To demonstrate our support to our staff we are pleased to sign up to the TUC Dying to Work Charter, making a commitment to provide employment protection during such a diagnosis.”


Thank you to Pladis who signed the charter on 2nd November 2018 providing protection for their 4,700 employees.

Head of HR Supply Chain, Neil Smith, said:
“We fully recognise the importance of signing this charter today. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels supported, especially in tough times like those that Dying to Work assists.”

South Derbyshire District Council

Thank you to South Derbyshire District Council who signed the charter on 1st November 2018 providing protection for their 325 employees.

Leader of South Derbyshire District Council, Cllr Martyn Ford, said:
“We fully support the Dying to Work Campaign and are happy to apply the principles of this charter to the policies of South Derbyshire District Council. “Those who are going through such an incredibly difficult time in their lives don’t need any additional worries and the Council prides itself on being an organisation that has the interests of its employees at heart.”

St Catherine’s Hospice

Thank you to St Catherine’s Hospice who signed the charter on 29th October 2018 providing protection for their 198 employees.

Head of Human Resources, Nikki Dobson, said:
“Our aim at St Catherine’s is to help people with life-shortening illnesses to have quality of life, until the end of life. Our whole ethos is centred around supporting our patients to continue doing the things which they enjoy and value, from spending quality time with their family, to continuing hobbies and if they wish, remaining at work. This ethos of course extends to our own members of staff, so we welcome this Charter and are proud to support it.”

Non-Standard Finance PLC

Thank you to Non-Standard Finance PLC who signed the charter on 19th October 2018 providing protection for their 800 employees.

Group Chief Executive & Founder, John P de Blocq van Kuffeler, said:
“At Non-Standard Finance PLC we strongly believe in supporting our employees at times of personal stress and difficulty. This demonstrates that we care deeply about our workforce and through this creates a culture whereby our employees genuinely care about our 200,000 customers. It is a therefore pleasure to sign the Dying To Work Charter.”


Thank you to CiC who signed the charter on 18th October 2018 providing protection for their 48 employees.

CEO of CiC, Kate Nowlan, said:
“CiC is an Employee Assistance Programme provider, supporting many thousands of people through different stages of life. We are delighted to become a Dying to Work signatory, demonstrating our commitment to supporting our own staff who may be diagnosed with a terminal condition.”