Walsall Council

Walsall Council

Thank you to Walsall Council who signed the charter on 16th August 2019 providing protection for their 6,971 employees.

Walsall Council Chief Executive, Dr Helen Paterson, said:
“I’m delighted to jointly sign this voluntary Charter with our trades unions. It is a positive initiative and reinforces the council’s proven track record of proactively supporting our employees’ health and wellbeing. For colleagues diagnosed with terminal illness, this is our pledge to support them and their families with guidance that enables informed decisions to be made at a very challenging time.”

Robin Hood Energy

Thank you to Robin Hood Energy who signed the charter on 12th June 2019 providing protection for their 250 employees.

Chief Executive Officer for Robin Hood Energy, Gail Scholes, said:
“We are delighted to sign this charter in conjunction with our Trades Union Congress partners. Robin Hood Energy was set up to help vulnerable customers and this is a natural step to help protect and ease the worries of our employees and their families at what would be an extremely worrying, stressful and emotional time. Whilst we hope that none of our employees ever need this type of support, we are proud and pleased to announce that they know Robin Hood Energy will be fully supportive of their needs should they be diagnosed with a terminal illness.”

Newport Council

Thank you to Newport Council who signed the charter on 22nd May 2019 providing protection for their 6,000 employees.

The Leader of Newport City, Councillor Debbie Wilcox, said:
“By signing the Dying to Work charter we are demonstrating our council’s commitment to supporting employees and their families during very difficult times of need and respecting an employee’s wishes not to be dismissed when diagnosed with a terminal condition. “At present we do offer employees the chance to have counselling and we are in the process of building a wellbeing hub for staff to access further wellbeing options. However by signing the Charter we are adding to the council’s stance that we are supporting employees with a diagnosis of terminal illness.”

Hanson UK

Thank you to Hanson UK who signed the charter on 15th May 2019 providing protection for their 3,500 employees.

Chief Executive Officer, Simon Willis, said:
“Pleased to sign this charter jointly with our unions as it formalises the custom and practice in Hanson in a great way that will give comfort and support to employees and their families at the time that they need it the most.”



Thank you to Porterbrook who signed the charter on 29th April 2019 providing protection for their 132 employees.

CEO, Mary Grant, said:
“We are proud to sign the Dying to Work Charter to ensure that no one suffering from a terminal illness will be denied the support and dignity they deserve. As an employer it is our duty to help the members of our workforce through thick and thin and we’re delighted to help Pauline and Jacci add to the growing number of employees protected by this charter.”

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you to Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust who signed the charter on 18th April 2019 providing protection for their 8,686 employees.

Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare, John Brewin, said:
“I’m happy to sign this charter to protect the rights of any of our employees who become terminally unwell. To be in that position is terrible enough without having employment worries too. All our employees deserve this commitment.”

NHS Confederation

Thank you to NHS Confederation who signed the charter on 9th April 2019 providing protection for their 220 employees.

Assistant Director – HR & OD, Marie Pritchard, said:
“Like the organisations the NHS Confederation represents across health and social care, we are committed to providing genuine compassion and support for our staff when they need it most. That is why we have signed the Dying to Work Charter, which reflects our commitment to our staff.”

Routes to Work Limited

Thank you to Routes to Work Limited who signed the charter on 19th March 2019 providing protection for their 67 employees.

Chair, Harry Curran, said:
“As a registered charity which seeks to improve the lives of unemployed residents of North Lanarkshire, the Board of Trustees of Routes To Work are committed to providing the best possible set of terms & conditions of employment & working environment for all our staff. Having previously had first-hand experience of managing the impact of a terminal illness diagnosis on a member of staff, we felt it appropriate to try and learn from this experience and to re-double our efforts to ensure that all possible supports be put in place to provide security of work and peace of mind for any member of staff who may face a similar situation in future. We see the TUC’s campaign and associated charter as a key tool in enabling us to achieve this and are delighted to sign-up and be associated with the voluntary charter.”


Thank you to Wienerberger who signed the charter on 6th March 2019 providing protection for their 1,200 employees.

Human Resources Director, Carole Goodwin, said:
“We had no hesitation in signing up to this Charter as this strengthens our commitment to what we already do. It is extremely important that as an organisation we do the right thing, more so to those who are terminally ill. Our staff and their families should feel supported not pressured and Wienerberger will do everything possible to ensure we support individuals and their family at their greatest time of need.” National Officer, Steve Kemp, also commented: "GMB are extremely grateful to Wienerberger for signing up to the important campaign ' Dying to Work ' and signing the charter. This shows that when trade unions and employers work together on issues as important as when people are suffering with terminal illness, then together we can make a difference to peoples’ lives. On this issue Wienerberger have been totally supportive which is nothing short of exemplary and it is of great credit to the company itself. In turn we hope other employers would do the same and take the same stance and leadership of Wienerberger in supporting this crucial issue.”

Bolton Cares

Bolton Cares

Thank you to Bolton Cares who signed the charter on 26th February 2019 providing protection for their 556 employees.

Chief Executive at Bolton Cares, John Livesey, said:
“I am very pleased to say that Bolton Cares has signed up to the TUC Dying to Work Charter. We truly believe this is a vital pledge to support and protect any of our employees who may be diagnosed with a terminal illness. We know how important it is to our employees to have the peace of mind that their jobs are protected and their families have financial security.”