St Catherine’s Hospice

Thank you to St Catherine’s Hospice who signed the charter on 29th October 2018 providing protection for their 198 employees.

Head of Human Resources, Nikki Dobson, said:
“Our aim at St Catherine’s is to help people with life-shortening illnesses to have quality of life, until the end of life. Our whole ethos is centred around supporting our patients to continue doing the things which they enjoy and value, from spending quality time with their family, to continuing hobbies and if they wish, remaining at work. This ethos of course extends to our own members of staff, so we welcome this Charter and are proud to support it.”

Non-Standard Finance PLC

Thank you to Non-Standard Finance PLC who signed the charter on 19th October 2018 providing protection for their 800 employees.

Group Chief Executive & Founder, John P de Blocq van Kuffeler, said:
“At Non-Standard Finance PLC we strongly believe in supporting our employees at times of personal stress and difficulty. This demonstrates that we care deeply about our workforce and through this creates a culture whereby our employees genuinely care about our 200,000 customers. It is a therefore pleasure to sign the Dying To Work Charter.”


Thank you to CiC who signed the charter on 18th October 2018 providing protection for their 48 employees.

CEO of CiC, Kate Nowlan, said:
“CiC is an Employee Assistance Programme provider, supporting many thousands of people through different stages of life. We are delighted to become a Dying to Work signatory, demonstrating our commitment to supporting our own staff who may be diagnosed with a terminal condition.”

Derby City Council

Thank you to Derby City Council who signed the charter on 17th October 2018 providing protection for their 5,535 employees.

Leader of Derby City Council, Councillor Chris Poulter, said:
“The last thing any colleague should be worrying about if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness, is to experience any work related pressure. By signing this Charter today, we aim to build on our existing policies for employees, and affirm our support and commitment to our people at an extremely challenging time.”

Durham County Council

Thank you to Durham County Council who signed the charter on 17th October 2018 providing protection for their 8,098 employees.

Leader of Durham County Council, Cllr Simon Henig, said:
“I’m delighted to be signing the Dying to Work Charter on behalf of Durham County Council. Receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness is already a time of huge emotional stress, fear and uncertainty and we don’t want our employees to be worrying about their jobs on top of that. We’re pledging to try to remove any avoidable stress and support employees to continue to work if they wish to do so.”

Colchester Borough Council

Thank you to Colchester Borough Council who signed the charter on 10th October 2018 providing protection for their 900 employees.

Leader of Colchester Borough Council, Cllr Mark Cory, said:
“As signatories of the Dying to Work Charter, we commit to treating our staff with the dignity and respect they deserve as well as providing them with the pastoral care and the reassurance of financial security while they cope with the stress of a life-shortening illness. We have always tried to support our staff in the best way we can, and this Charter strengthens that commitment even more. The last thing anyone with a terminal illness needs to worry about is their job.”

Newcastle City Council

Thank you to Newcastle City Council who signed the charter on 8th October 2018 providing protection for their 6,000 employees.

Leader of Newcastle City Council, Nick Forbes, said:
“I’m proud to be part of a council that has signed up to the Dying to Work charter. This vital campaign ensures those who are terminally ill will know that their dignity and welfare is respected throughout the organisation. It is the right thing to do, and I would urge others to back this campaign.”

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Thank you to Greater Manchester Combined Authority who signed the charter on 5th October 2018 providing protection for their 28,942 employees.

Chief Executive of the GMCA, Eamonn Boylan, said:
“The Combined Authority works with all 10 Greater Manchester councils alongside local services, businesses, communities and other partners to improve the city-region. “Our vision is to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old, and that includes providing our employees with the highest standards of workplace and emotional support. If a member of our staff receives the worst possible news it is important that they understand that the GMCA is a signatory of the Dying to Work Voluntary Charter and we will stand alongside them every step of their journey.”

    This signing covers the combined authority, plus 10 local authorities of the combined authority area; Bolton Council, Manchester City Council, Oldham Council, Rochdale Borough Council, Salford City Council, Stockport Council, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, Trafford Council, Wigan Council and Bury Council.
The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, added: “The Combined Authority is a family – we look out for each other, we support each other and we will be there for each other even if the worst happens. “The Dying to Work Voluntary Charter is an important document but, more importantly, our backing for it emphasises that our promise of support for our colleagues isn’t just lip service – we will be there if needed.”

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

Thank you to Essex County Fire & Rescue Service who signed the charter on 10th September 2018 providing protection for their 1,200 employees.

Chief Fire Officer, Jo Turton, said:
“So many of our staff show unrelenting commitment to our Service, regardless of their own circumstances. The Dying to Work Charter is about our Service showing that commitment back to them. It is about us being there if ever the incredibly difficult event of being diagnosed with a terminal illness or disease becomes a reality. Today, alongside the Trade Union Congress, we signed this charter to make sure that peace of mind of their job security is never at risk.”