5 Steps to the Charter

Step 1

Check that your employer has not already signed up to the TUC Dying to Work charter

The TUC Dying to Work charter is already protecting over half a million working people in the UK and this number is growing nearly every week.

You can check to see if your employer has already signed up here.

Step 2

Involve your union

Raise the campaign with your Trade Union branch and ask your rep to raise the charter with your employer. If your workplace has more than one recognised union then ensure their representatives are also involved in the discussions.

Step 3

Encourage your employer to sign the voluntary charter

Unions should be clear about what they want from their employer. Just getting a vague commitment is not enough. Union negotiators should seek agreement that their employer will:

  • Review sick pay and sickness absence procedures and include a specific statement that they will not dismiss any person with a terminal diagnosis because of their condition.
  • Ensure that that they have an Employee Assistance Programme that has the capacity and competency to provide support to any person with a terminal illness, including access to counselling and financial advice.
  • Provide training to line managers and all HR staff on dealing with terminal illness, including how to discuss future plans with any worker who has a diagnosis of a terminal illness, and on what adaptations to work arrangements that may be necessary.
  • Adopt the Dying to Work Charter and notify all employees that they have made the commitments contained in it.

You can view an example charter here.

Step 4

Inform the TUC

Once the employer and the recognised unions are happy that the commitments within the charter have been met, please inform the TUC of your intention to sign using the contact details provided.

In your correspondence, please include:

  • Dates of availability for a public signing ceremony
  • The logo of your organisation and union(s) signing the charter
  • The names of those signing the charter on behalf of the employer and union(s)
  • The names and quotes for draft press releases – The TUC will be happy to liaise with your organisation’s press department.
  • The number of workers to be covered by the Charter. We will add these to the national total
  • Confirmation that photos can to be taken at the event which the TUC can share on social media, the campaign website and other outlets

Step 5

Sign the Charter

The TUC will provide a customised copy of the charter for the public signing ceremony which will be attended by a representative of the campaign. The TUC will also work with your internal press department to co-ordinate press releases to generate media coverage in both the local and national press and broadcast media.

After the signing, your organisation will have officially joined the growing number of employers from across the public and private sector which have made this important commitment to their employees. Your organisation’s details will be added to our website and the charter will be left with the employer to display as they see fit.