The campaign

Pressing for additional employment protection for terminally ill workers who need greater protection from heartless employers who utilise a loophole in the law to dismiss the dying due to their illness. Every person battling terminal conditions deserves the choice of how to spend their final months.

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5 steps

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to get your employer to sign the charter:

  1. Check that your employer has not already signed
  2. Involve your union
  3. Encourage your employer to sign the voluntary charter
  4. Inform the TUC
  5. Sign the Charter

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Jacci's story

Union member Jacci’s job had only been saved when her union threatened to publicly expose the firm. She said “I was actually astounded about what HR asked. It was all about capability, capability, capability - no concern for me as their employee and no apparent care that I was dying”.

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Latest #dyingtowork campaign news…

Wales TUC Cymru (@walestuc)

Great to see this story about recent #DyingToWork charter signing.

Neil Foster (@NeilFosterGMB)

As part of new suite of employment rights, Labour will give new protections for terminally ill workers. This supports the successful #DyingtoWork campaign. Find out more about the issues here:

UNISON Cymru/Wales (@UNISONWales)

More photos from yesterday's signing of the @walestuc #DyingtoWork charter @VelindreTrust Here's UNISON's @DarronDupre at the signing. Thanks to Gareth Hathway for these.